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At William Street Gym in Caulfield South, VIC, we are dedicated to building an energising and inspiring group-training atmosphere. Our goal is to ensure that our specialised high-intensity boxing fitness classes become the most anticipated part of our member’s day. Unlike other combat sports, boxing focuses on a variety of punches and footwork that are advantageous for both men and women, making our training approach inclusive and empowering for all.

boxing classes


Kickstart your boxing journey with this essential class. Ideal for beginners, those with fitness boxing experience, or transitioning from another martial art. You’ll learn basic stance, footwork, punches, and develop initial boxing fitness.


Our core program covers all boxing aspects, except sparring. Classes may vary but typically include shadow boxing, partner drills (defense, offense, footwork), pad work, bag work, and conditioning.


This dynamic class involves warm-ups, shadow boxing drills, followed by intensive bag work and conditioning exercises. It is designed for those with a basic understanding of boxing fundamentals.


(INVITE ONLY) When our coaches are confident in your skills (offense and defensive), your fitness, and consistency in training (being coachable and able to work with a partner), they will invite you to try sparring. Headgear, Mouthguard, and 16 OZ gloves are mandatory.

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