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At William Street Gym in Caulfield South, VIC, our team of expert boxing coaches are more than just fitness enthusiasts. They have devoted their lives to mastering boxing and fitness coaching, dedicating themselves to not only enhancing your stamina but also imparting the correct boxing techniques. Our goal is not merely to exhaust you but to engage you in your training thoroughly, ensuring you acquire enduring fitness and technical skills. From fitness classes to self-defense techniques, William Street Gym is committed to providing a comprehensive training experience that empowers you to achieve your goals.

State Of The Art Facilities

At William Street Gym, we take pride in providing our members with top-notch facilities to ensure a productive and enjoyable training experience. Our gym is equipped with high-quality Fairtex bags, heavy bags, and Aqua bags to ensure you get the most out of your boxing training. Our full-sized boxing ring is perfect for sparring and practicing your techniques in a real-world setting.

We also have a large floor space that allows for a variety of activities, from skipping ropes to shadow boxing in front of wall mirrors. Our collection of boxing mitts and skipping ropes ensures that you have everything you need for a comprehensive workout.

Safety is our top priority, which is why we have first aid kits and trained staff on hand to deal with any emergencies. Additionally, we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene by regularly cleaning all our facilities.

Come and experience the difference at William Street Gym, Caulfield South, VIC – where we combine the best facilities with expert coaching to help you achieve your boxing and fitness goals.

Our Team

Elevating Your Potential. The Heartbeat of William Street Gym.

Sy Nadji

Sy Nadji, founder of WSG, boasts three decades of combat sports expertise and a degree in exercise science and coaching. Starting with Taekwondo at 12, he seamlessly integrated Boxing into his training regimen, later establishing his first gym at 27. As one of Australia's top fight promoters, he champions proper technique for safety and long-term boxing enjoyment. At WSG, his emphasis is on proficient coaching that prioritises both fitness and skill development.

Silvia Bettoni

Silvia, an esteemed teacher at William Street Gym (WSG), embarked on her boxing journey about 8-9 years ago in Singapore. With experience spanning five competitive fights, she's passionate about the discipline and depth of the sport. At WSG, Silvia dedicates herself to imparting genuine boxing techniques, ensuring learners move beyond mere cardio and truly grasp the essence of the sport.

Bobur Najmiddinov

Bobur Najmiddinov, hailing from Uzbekistan, joins William Street Gym as a seasoned boxing coach with vast international experience. He boasts a track record of coaching in Uzbekistan, Korea, and Vietnam, and proudly trained Vietnam's first-ever WBO female world champion. Additionally, he's been the guiding force behind champions like the Oriental WBO Champion Olim “Baby Tyson” Nazarov and numerous professional Uzbek boxers.

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