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What Our Clients Say

Great atmosphere in the gym, the trainers have a wealth of knowledge and make it really easy to pick up the basics quite fast. Definitely recommend for all level boxers.

Dean Johnson

Awesome place with knowledgeable trainers , first time can be a little intimidating but everything thing is broken down step by step so over time I have found my boxing has improved as well as my fitness. In my experience everyone has been helpful and friendly (training for a few months)

Dani Conetta

WSG isn’t just a gym. It’s a family. I have done nothing but rave about it since I first walked nervously up those stairs 6 months ago. Sy, Ben, Ton, and Jump have created a welcoming and fun environment, while being incredible trainers, pushing everyone to get the best out of themselves.

Maria K

This gym is fantastic .It’s a small family business that’s run with the intention to cater for all types of bodies and ages. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Dont get me wrong, you work bloody hard but the rewards in fitness and skill are overwhelming. A great community with loads of class times and well worth the time. Highly recommend!!

Katherine Lockyear